humor and kindness

with my birthday tomorrow, i had to go and get my driver’s license renewed.

the trip to the social security office was okay.  i had to get proof i had one, because it is required to get a Florida Drivers License, and i have no idea where mine is.  the waiting time was a bit long, but watching a toddler try to pick up his mom’s huge purse made for some comedy.  his antics made the time feel like it went faster than it really did.

the trip to the Orange County Controller’s Office was quick.  on the way, there was a homeless man in one of the blue striped areas designated for those soliciting for money (the homeless, for instance).  so, after getting a certified copy of my marriage certificate (needed to get a Florida Drivers License) from the controller’s office, i gave him a couple of dollars when i passed by him, again. it wasn’t much, but it would’ve been terribly unkind not to help, even a little.

So, yeah…
This is what they need from you to get a Florida Drivers License:  your social security card (or proof you have one) or a current W-2 form, a certified birth certificate, all documentation of any name changes, and two pieces of mail with your address on it (to prove your current address) and your current drivers license or a passport.
it almost felt like they wanted my first-born (i don’t have a first-born).

when it came time to produce my birth certificate and proofs of name changes, i decided to make a small story of it.

“Well, first, I was born.”
I produced my birth certificate.
“Then, I got married.”
I produced my first marriage certificate.
“Then, I got divorced.”
I produced my first divorce certificate.
“Then, silly me, I got married, again.”
I produced my second marriage certificate.
“But, damn, that didn’t work out.”
I produced my second divorce certificate.  By this time, the clerk was smiling.  
“Now, you’d think I’d have learned my lesson by now, but no…..” and I produced my third marriage certificate.  When she looked at me, again, waiting for more, I had to add, “That’s all for now.  Third time’s a charm.”

it wasn’t major comedy, but it was enough to lighten the mood in the room.  i heard a couple of giggles from others in the room and it made the clerk smile.  that made me feel good.

it never hurts to spread a little kindness, when you can, and it never hurts to make a person smile, when you can.  



~ by ritamerlot on January 28, 2014.

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