I am a hypocrite

This morning, while walking to work, there was this old guy at the bus stop that is across the street from the sidewalk I usually use.  The old guy was on the bench, sitting with his upper half laying on the bench.  He was shaking.  I thought, “Oh, it’s another homeless guy,” and walked on.
Several cars passed by before one slowed down, changed lanes, and turned into my work’s parking lot.  I thought nothing of it except that it was a little strange, but the security guard seemed to be taking care of the driver.  The guard and the driver, who had a cell phone to her ear, started looking over in the direction of the bus stop.  I thought that was weird, too.
When I got to them, I realized that the lady in the car was calling 911 to get an ambulance to the homeless man.  To her, it seemed like he was having convulsions.  I looked back over to him and by that time, he had fallen to the ground. He wasn’t.
Knowing he was going to get care and knowing i have no way to help, I continued on and went into work.
But, the image of that man, both shaking on the bench and then laying on the ground, won’t leave me.  Why didn’t I see something wrong when I first saw the man?
I could have crossed the street to see if he was okay.  I could have called 911, myself.  Why didn’t I do that?
Here I am, constantly saying we need to be charitable and caring and I did the exact opposite. I ignored him.
What does that make me?
That makes me a hypocrite.

~ by ritamerlot on January 15, 2014.

One Response to “I am a hypocrite”

  1. No. Just cautious. It is so scary to not be trusting of people anymore…it could be a scam to get a woman to walk over and then attack her…so we are skeptical. You are a good and kind person…in a not so good and kind world.

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