this is ridiculous

how in the world can i gain 15 pounds in 3 months?

i live a gluten free lifestyle (which takes out all processed breads and pasta from my diet) and rarely eat dairy products (because both wheat gluten and diary cause all kinds of gastro-intestinal problems…dropping those have been a godsend).

maybe, i’m not active enough.  because my right knee and hip are causing a lot of issues, i’ve not taken a bellydance class in a while.  i haven’t walked around lake eola since the fall.

guess it’s time to ignore the knee and hip and get out in the world, again.

it’s also time to start the elevator pics, again.

so, today, Thursday, 3/17/11, i weighed in at 214.5 pounds.

~ by ritamerlot on March 17, 2011.

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