in response to the question: what were you doing when….

today, on 9/11, a topic of conversation on facebook is the 9/11 tragedy in 2001.

one question was basically: what were you doing when the towers went down?

here is what i said: 

i work for a television station in orlando.
i was driving in to work (was just a couple of minutes away on anderson), listening to howard stern. he transitioned relatively quickly and surprisingly from trash radio host to radio news anchor… making no fun of what was absolutely not a joke.
at work, everyone was into special report mode. there are a lot of monitors at work and on people’s desks, and lots of times, those monitors play, unwatched.
not that day.
at that time, it was in question whether the plane crash was an accident or not. we watched the second plane bank right in and aim for the second tower. we knew then that no air traffic controller could make that kind of mistake twice. our country was under attack.
while watching coverage, i just knew at least one tower was going to fall. they were leaning. people argued, saying that was impossible.
usually a noisy, verbose group of people, we were absolutely stunned and silent as the buildings fell, watching the deaths within the buildings, watching people (little dots on the monitor) actually jump to their deaths rather than have a building crush them, knowing service workers and innocents on the ground could not escape.
the day was spent in wall-to-wall coverage on both stations (an abc affiliate and a true independent).
many of us felt the same way we felt when the Challenger exploded in 1986. the day was extremely surreal and the effects of that day will last forever in our minds.

~ by ritamerlot on September 11, 2010.

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