religious extremists

what do extremists do?

well, when it comes to religion, extremists do quite a lot.
they kill people (it’s called murder).
they destroy other people’s property.
they burn the flags of those not representing their own.
they aggressively recruit others to their “correct” way of thinking by misrepresenting the views of “the other side” or exaggerating their own.
they incite riots (purposely causing violence).
they burn the holy books of other religions (a strong, metaphoric slap in the face).
the list continues…

but it seems there is one constant in all the actions of religious extremists:
the outright disregard of the actual teachings of one’s own religion.

case in point:
the Rev. Terry Jones at his Dove Outreach Center, an independent church in Gainesville with about 50 members.
these people claim to be christians.
christians define themselves as those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, therefore, by default, believing in all his teachings.
last i checked, Jesus Christ was not a supporter of violence, whether manifested physically by causing harm to another, or in a nonphysical manner, by desecrating something important to the other.
these people in Gainesville are threatening to burn (desecrate) copies of the Quran (the Muslim Holy Book) on Saturday, the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy (a devastating attack by Muslin EXTREMISTS).

my argument against this horrendous action of burning copies of the Quran has nothing to do with what the devastating world reaction will be (and, yes, i believe it will be devastating).
my argument against this has everything to do with the message of the Bible and the New Testament (which, last i checked, was the Christian Holy Book).
it doesn’t matter what the message of the Quran is.

what really matters is the message of the Bible.

What Would Jesus Do?
based on my understanding of the New Testament, Jesus would not support an act of revenge (which this is, no matter how much one might say otherwise).
self-defense is one thing (self-defense is necessary), but slapping others in the face (which this burning symbolizes) is an outright attack.
would Jesus support revenge?
would Jesus support slapping others in the face (metaphorically or otherwise)?
if you say yes to either of those questions, then i have to ask:

have you read your New Testament lately?


but to extremists, i guess that really doesn’t mean much.

i really hope beyond hope that Mr. Jones and his Dove Outreach Center do not follow through on their threat (yes, call it what it is: a threat (which people must defend themselves against)), because if they do, then saturday and the days following are going to be long, very sad days.

as of this writing, Mr. Jones has backed out of the burning, but the situation is tenuous.  we will see what happens tomorrow.

if he goes through with burning the copies of the Quran, then he is, by definition, an extremist, and no better that any other extremist out there, no matter what religion they “claim” to follow.



~ by ritamerlot on September 10, 2010.

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