why the abuse?

if you ever want to make me cry, i guarantee you’ll be successful if you show me pictures of animals who have been abused.

recent stories of animal abuse have angered me beyond belief.  why did the lady in england feel absolutely justified in throwing a cat away in a garbage dumpster?  why did the kid in croatia feel it was okay to toss puppies into a raging river?  these are just two stories of an untold number of animal abuse situations.  if this behavior were a virus, it would be considered a pandemic.

why do we (the human race) feel it’s okay to hurt and torture the animals that have come our way, most to the point of very difficult/unrestful deaths?
this is not a rhetorical question.  i would really like to have a logical answer.

or, are we (the human race) nothing more than cruel beings with overblown views of our superiority over other children of the earth?



~ by ritamerlot on September 2, 2010.

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