beer and rumors in a small town: recipe for murder

an elderly man in Bithlo was murdered because two drunks thought he was a child molester.

what goes on in a man’s mind as he’s killing someone?  does he feel righteous in his actions?  i guess these men (and more specifically, the guy with the bat) felt absolutely righteous as their victim was being beaten to a pulp.

now, as they sit in jail and realize that they killed an innocent man, i bet they are still not remorseful.

why do i think that?
because, if they could not have misdirected their anger and insecurities at an old man who couldn’t defend himself, they would’ve found another scapegoat sometime in the (very possibly) near future.

men like this are dangerous.  they easily fall into misguided and angry paths, leading to violence and, possibly, the death of innocent others.

a part of me (an angry, spiteful part) would love to see these morons meet the same fate: being beat to death by someone bigger and stronger than themselves.

the other part of me wants to see justice served against these men (a long, long, hopefully life long sentence in prison).

but that part of me wants to be spiteful, too.  while serving time, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings any if these men became the center of untold beatings and assaults.

how can these men defend their actions?  what made the one think it was okay to kill and then hide and run?

what goes on in minds like these?

what can possibly justify what they did?


~ by ritamerlot on May 13, 2010.

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