Aang is White (or whatever other color you want to make him).

Aang as depicted in the nickelodean series

Aang as depicted in the nickelodeon series.

there’s A LOT of controversy over the casting of the upcoming movie “The Last Airbender,” based on an american animated series (which aired on Nickelodeon call Avatar: The Last Airbender) about a culture that is based heavily on asian influences.
a white boy is cast to play Aang (instigating the controversy because people seem to believe that Aang is Asian).
i have to disagree with those who are up in arms because Aang is not being played by an asian boy.
when i look at Aang as he was depicted in the animated series, he looks white to me.
besides, who cares what color he is?
this boy won the right to play Aang (in some elaborate contest), because he is kick-ass in the martial arts.
if an african-american kid had won that contest, well, gee, so what?


~ by ritamerlot on May 13, 2010.

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